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About Our Firm

ROLAS BUDIMAN SITINJAK & PARTNERS, abbreviated RBS & PARTNERS, is a law firm established and seated in Jakarta and also open office in Batam. The RBS & PARTNERS Law Office handles criminal and civil cases, in particular business litigation, company assets or property, intellectual property rights, banking case, labor affairs, and crime in general.

As a law firm, RBS & PARTNERS upholds a high level of standard and integrity. We have in our law firm partners and senior lawyers hailing from a number of other leading  law firms having longer practicing history in Jakarta, which doubtlessly  distinguishes  their quality.

RBS & PARTNERS Law Office offers a line of services relating to various types of business transactions, trading, finance, investment and intellectual property. In respect of commercial litigation, the firm handles disputes pertaining to bankruptcy, corporate affairs, banking, finance, and foreign investment, international trade, securities, and other derivative products, disputes relating to the capital market, intellectual property, oil and gas, mining, property development, construction and more.

Quality and client satisfaction are always  our commitment. By constantly upholding the high standards of ethics and profession in practice, definitely we do our best to settle our client’s problems  as soon as possible at the price that is fair and responsible for the quality of each service provided.

The various affairs we are handling with the government and other institutions, at the central level and regional level, make us  ever up-to-date in information on changes in law and policy.

We persist to maintain the highest standard of practice through a selective process in recruiting only lawyers who are qualified for work, through careful supervision and tight training. In the present era of globalization,  many Indonesian lawyers have not been able to stand upright because of competition, both at National and International levels; for that reason we always provide each of our lawyers with thorough knowledge of the law, send them to seminars, workshops and all forms of education relating to the latest development in law in order to stand firm in handling each legal case received.