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Rolas Budiman Sitinjak SH. MH

Rolas is his familiar name. He is a hard worker. He completed his law study at the University of Jakarta and in 2004 completed his master degree  in Criminal Law at Jayabaya University. During his career, Rolas is recognized as one lawyer who perseveres in the fight for his client's legal rights, and also is influential and a good motivator. His perseverance and persistence in enforcing the law  motivates him to continue explore the science of law, and so currently Rolas is working to complete the S-3 (Doctorate).

Very friendly and easy going as a person, Rolas is active in various organizations. In 1996, Rolas became an activist in his campus and also a Member of the Association of Indonesian Law Student Senate (ISMAHI). From 2004 to the present, Rolas has established an NGO for Actual Implementation of Anti Corruption, Collusion and Nepotism Policy (KKN RIP NGO). And then for his love for the environment, Rolas was appointed as the Chairman of the Non-Governmental Organization Environment Observers Alliance (NGO IMPACT).

After working for several senior lawyers,  from 2005 until now he has established the ROLAS BUDIMAN SITINJAK & PARTNERS law firm (Law Firm RBS) specializing as Intellectual Property & Advocacy Consultant. Rolas is also the incumbent Chairman of the Institute of Intellectual Property Rights Legal Aid (LBH - IPR) of Indonesia.

IPR Legal Aid is a non-profit organization that focuses on the protection of Intellectual Property Rights relating to the Copyright Law, Patent Law, Industrial Design Law, Law of Integrated Circuits Layout, Trade Secrets Law  and the Law  on Plant Variety.

And until now LBH IPR already has representative offices in  a number of regions  and cities in Indonesia.

Dr. Hj. Sri Sugiarti, SH. MM. MH

Daughter of the late Lt. Col. (ret) Amin Al-Mawardi, SmHk, she  graduated from  her Bachelor program in 1975 from the University of Diponegoro. She then continued  her education for S2 degree majoring in Human Resources (HR)  at IPWI Jakarta, 2000. Not stopping there, Sri took Graduate Program at the University of Lampung and graduated in 2004.  She took the Doctorate  program at the Jakarta State University and graduated in 2011.

Sri served as Head of Reporting Sub Division at the Education and Training Center  of the Ministry of Justice in 1982, Head of Evaluation and Reporting of the Education and Training Center in the same ministry in 1990, and as Chief Development Officer at the Bureau of Personnel in 1992.

In 2002 she served as Coordinator of Administrative Development Affairs of Lampung Regional Office at Ministry of Law and Human Rights.

In the same year she was seconded to the Constitutional Court (MK). In 2004 Sri was entrusted as the Coordinator of Administrative Development Affairs of the East Java Regional Office in the Ministry of Justice and Human Rights. In 2005 she served as Chief of the Division of Administrative Office of the Ministry of Justice and Human Rights in East Java. In 2006 she also worked as the Head of Regional Office of the Ministry of Law and Human Rights at the Bangka Belitung Province.

In 2007 Sri served as Secretary of the Agency for Human Resources Development (BPSDM) Ministry of Justice and Human Rights. Then Head of Leadership and Management Development Center BPSDM Ministry of Law and Human Rights 2010-2011 and lecturer BPSDM Extraordinary with the Ministry of Law and Human Rights.

From 2011 until now she joins ROLAS BUDIMAN SITINJAK & PARTNERS as Senior Partner.

For the accomplishments she had achieved, Sri received the  honorary medals of Lencana Karya Satya XX (Dua Puluh) in 1999, Satya Lencana Karya Satya XXX (Thirty) in 2006 and the Women Of The Year 2007 from Citra Mandiri Indonesia when she was then serving as the Head of Regional Office of the Ministry of Law and Human Rights at the Bangka Belitung Province.

Purgatorio Siahaan, SH

Purgatorio graduated from the National University, Jakarta, where during his term he was very active in various organizations. He served as Chairman of the Senate of the National University Law School in 2005 until 2006; was  member of Commission II (Student Affairs) in the Student Representative Body, in 2004 until 2005;  member of the Student Discipline Committee of the National University in 2005; and Extraordinary Member (Student Activity,  Photography and Journalism Unit) in 2004.

Pugatorio attended the Consultant Training on Property Intellectual Property Rights organized by the Directorate General of IPR and Krisnadwipayana University, February - March 2010; training on Legal Drafting and Design & Implementation  of  Agreement  and Deed Development, the White House Consulting, participating in workshops on Property,  Land and Strata Title Law, Indonesian Property Watch  as well as Citra Buana Intan Group.

Purgatorio had been a volunteer and paralegal staff in the Indonesian Legal Aid Foundation (YLBHI), 2006. Not only that, he was also a Legal HR for PT. Mayora Indah Tbk. From 2008 until mid 2009 he had worked as  the Legal Officer in Citra Buana Intan Group, Legal Officer at PT. Puspa Pharma, Legal & HR Manager at PT. Dolarindo Intervalas Primatama. With the experiences that he has, he is currently the Managing Partner at Purgatorio, Rolas & Partners (PRP) Advocates & Intellectual Property Consultants and also joined the Law Firm ROLAS Budiman Sitinjak & PARTNERS as Partner and also as a representative of the Secretary-General of Legal Aid Institute for  Intellectual Property Rights (LBH - IPR) of Indonesia.

Salamat Tambunan, SH.MH

Salamat Tambunan before active in the legal world graduated from the Maritime Academy of Indonesia in 1996. His affection towards the weak made him want to go into law. Salamat continued his education at the University of Law at the University of Jakarta, and graduated in 2009, and immediately continued his education by taking graduate courses at the Islamic University.

Salamat is very active in  a number of organizations.  He became a member of the University of Jakarta Legal Aid Institute in 2009 which he continues to serve to the present, and was Founder of Non-Governmental Organization Public Service Watch (NGO PSW) in the year 2009. He also served as Chief Editor of Radar Online (www.radaronline.co.id), served as Chairman of the Alumni Association Advocacy Stimart IN AMI Jakarta in 2010 until now.

Since 2009 until now Salamat is  a partner at the ROLAS BUDIMAN SITINJAK & PARTNERS law office.

Arifin Rudi Nababan, SH

Rudi, his familiar greeting, completed his legal education in 2005 at the University of Krishnadwipayana, Jakarta. After graduating he continued his education taking the  Advocate Profession Special Education in 2005. His  formal appointment as Advocate by the DPN Peradi Association of Jakarta was conducted in 2008. Long before he went into law, Rudi had taken education at the Hotel Management School of IBM Institute of Indonesia, in Jakarta, in 1995. In 1996 he  worked  at the Bali Intercontinental Hotel & Resort Bali.

In 2005 Rudi worked as a Junior Lawyer at Tambunan Sumaryo & Partners law office, Jakarta. The following year he became an Assistant Advocate at Law Firm Solapung Arestis & Ass, Jakarta until 2007, then Law Office Assistant Advocate at Ben's & Ass, Depok city until 2010.  From the year 2011 until now, Rudi joins the Law Firm ROLAS BUDIMAN SITINJAK & PARTNERS as Partner.

Aldrien Steven Patty, SH

Aldrien Steven Patty, SH  graduated from the Faculty of Law, University Indonesia in Depok, Jakarta, after previously taking the Diploma III at the  Litigation Academy of Indonesia, Jakarta. In his student days, he was very active in the organization. Aldrien was elected as the Chairman of the Division of Law & Advocacy of the Association of Church Youth of Indonesia, Law & Human Rights Division  member of the Peace and Welfare Youth Front, Expert Staff of Legal Studies & Aid Institute of Sukabumi, Staff Expert in Mediation Forum  of Local Government  of Bogor Timur. Currently Aldrien is doing his Master's degree program.

During his career in the legal world, in 2000, Aldrien once worked as an Assistant in the Office of Notary Public and Land Deed Official (PPAT) Adnan Pandupraja, SH, CN, Ciputat.

From the following year until 2002 Aldrien was working  with Legal Consultant  Awank & Partners Law Firm, Jakarta. In 2003 he was also a Legal Consultant at Wijaya, Steven & Hutahaean Law Firm, Jakarta. In 2005 as a Consultant in the G-99 Customs Law Firm, Jakarta. From the year 2009 until now he serves as  an "In-House" Customs Consultant  for PT. Media Aman Sejahtera (PT MAS) , Jakarta, Customs Consultants, Tax Attorney, Consultant IPR "In House" in Papang Sapari & Partners Law Firm, Depok, as Tax Consultants and Tax Attorney "In House" in PT. Piramide Synergy Mandiri (Pisma), Jakarta, Tax Attorney "In House" at the PT. Prisma Consulting Indonesia, Jakarta.

And now he joins the Law Firm ROLAS Budiman Sitinjak & PARTNERS as Partner.

Bagus Riyanto, SH

Bagus Riyanto graduated from the Law School of Islamic University Attahiriyah after previously taking the Diploma III program for  Modern School Design (MSD) in Yogyakarta. Bagus was very active in some organizations. As a nimble and active youth  he was entrusted  with the position of Secretary General of the Non-Governmental Organization Alliance of Environment Concerned Citizens  (NGO IMPACT) in 2010 that he holds to the present.

He is also proficient in the field of Design. He became a Lay Out Designer  for  the Radar Online Media. Since the year 2009 until now he is joining  the office of ROLAS BUDIMAN SITINJAK & PARTNERS.